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IRD uses water ripple effect to create dynamism and serenity for new DEWA Auditorium

Dubai-based IR Design has completed the interiors for the new DEWA Auditorium, using a ripple effect to create a sense of dynamism within the space.

Circular shapes are present throughout the design, including a pattern that has been carved into the wooden slats as a static element, while circular LED lights set at various intensities, accentuate the feeling of dynamism within the auditorium.

When all the house lights are on, the auditorium glows in a blue tone, with the stage setting gradually changing from blue to white light.

“Our intent was create the feeling of a changing scenario between the welcome, the waiting, the presentation and exit,” the team at IR Design said.

The carpeted flooring has been designed to differentiate the various seating and circulation areas, using a gradient of blues fading to gray.

“The auditorium was assigned to us before the structure was built,” said Indu Varanasi, founder and director of IR Design. “Our initial studies were to ensure that the auditorium was fit for purpose. This included testing the sight lines.

“We had to work closely with the architects and structural engineers to modify the balcony levels, for beam clearances, removal of columns to ensure visual sight lines which resulted in changing the concrete structure to a steel structure,” she said.

IR Design also design the VIP lounge as well as the entrance lobbies.

The walls of the VIP lounge feature 3D laser-cut Islamic patterns, set away from the wall to continue the feeling of dynamism from the auditorium. It also includes an LED wallpaper, as well as a skylight and green spaces.

“The exercise of bringing calm, serenity and luxury in a small space was an important design feature,” the team said. “The purpose of the lounge is to create a moment of rest before or after the event.

“The dynamics of the architecture was limiting due to the low ceiling heights and a high narrow skylight, we utilised both to accentuate the design intent.”

Located in the DEWA Headquarters, the entrance lobbies – also designed by IR Design – are set across three floors and lead to various activities within the space as well as being used as buffer zones.

The external glazing used in these areas cover the laser-cut screens, allowing natural daylight to seep while back-lit panels minimise the use of ceiling lights, as well as allowing a dynamic change of colour.

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