Design ME publishes ‘Drum it up’

Know more about this urban retail concept by IRD Design.

UAE-based design and architecture studio presents an urban retail concept dubbed as “Drum it up!”. These modular retail and food kiosks can be easily configured depending on the requirements. “The retail concept draws on the design brief for inspiration for its utility, flexibility, sustainability and modularity,” explains Indu Varanasi, design director at IRD. “The form is self-sufficient with all the components and can sit independently in any urban setting, small or a big neighbourhood park, sideways or any other urban space.”

Due to its modularity, the assembly and arrangement of the components are distinct and not monotonous lines. IR Design team also expanded the external branding walls for each of the modules, giving its users a possibility to make their drums visually appealing and in line with their brand, thus attracting the customers. Varanasi continues: “Food trucks have gained their momentum due to its mobility, but they come in predefined sizes and so many physical constraints. We studied all elements that such retail concept requires, allowing its users to add and expand depending on the type of the food they serve or merchandise they sell.” The disk and its extrusion in as a cylinder is a versatile form and with just a base, the platform holds itself as a self-supporting structure. This form has been used as the basis for all the components of the drum.

“Each of these components can be attached and detached in the sequence required. Proposed module typologies include utility, service, sales counter and storage. Utility module contains all the service for solar energy (battery/ inverter), water storage and drainage,” adds Varanasi. Service counter module includes a sink and required appliances while sales counter comes with front/back openable module with a counter display. The closure is through sliding module which can be branded both inside and outside. Storage modules for storage and display as an end module also work as cover.