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IRD Design’s DEWA auditorium project is inspired by the ripple effect

IRD Design’s latest project, the new DEWA auditorium has a dynamic design that plays with the senses

IRD Design was assigned the auditorium project for DEWA before the structure was even built. Every place requires a different and a unique design. For the new auditorium project for DEWA, IRD Design envisioned this auditorium as a dynamic area to convey a feeling of dynamics as found in the ripple of water, and the circular pattern it represents. Indu Varanasi, architect and founder of IRD Design, says: “We wanted to create different feelings throughout the changing scenarios such as the welcome area, the waiting room, the presentation hall, and lastly the exit.” The auditorium for DEWA was assigned to the IRD Design before the structure was even built. So, the design team carried out some initial studies to ensure that the auditorium was fit for purpose.

Varanasi explains : “We wanted to make sure that everything is fine before starting off with the design process. Our initial analysis included, testing the sight lines and therefore we had to work closely with the architects and structural engineers to modify the balcony levels for beam clearances, the removal of columns to ensure visual sight lines which resulted in changing the concrete structure to a steel structure.”

Varanasi says : “The flooring carpet is cleverly used to differentiate the seating areas and the circulation areas. The circulation carpet is treated with a gradation of blues going into greys; the same blues are picked up in the rear of the auditorium and its ceiling. When the space is completely lit with all the internal lights, the auditorium glows in a blue tone, which gradually changes as the stage setting changes from blue to white.” Spread over the three floors the lobbies cater to various activities taking place within. Giving them more purpose besides forming hybrid zones and welcome areas. These beautiful sterile spaces create a dynamic vibrancy. The graphics chosen for the lobbies are to attune to nature and the essence of living.

Appreciated for its simplicity the lounge brings diverse elements together. Limited by the dynamics of the established architecture, such as low ceiling heights and a high narrow skylight, IRD Design utilised both in an optimum way to accentuate their design intentions. “The purpose of the lounge is to create moments of rest before or after an event. We have translated the calmness and luxury of space into a place where people can comfortably meet,” adds Varanasi.